Conan Package - Java 8 and 9 installers

Bincrafters has now published Conan packages for both the Java 8 and Java 9 installers to our public Conan repository on Bintray. Indeed it’s a bit surprising to have a need to package Java with, but it turns out that there are C++ related tools which require Java. The tool that prompted this package was Google’s open-source build system Bazel, which uses Java to compile C++. Thus, it is primarily intended to be used as a build_requirement in a Conan recipe.

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Notes About this Package

This excerpt is taken from the file of the github repository for this package.

This Conan package contains the Java Development Kit (JDK). It is cross platform and is intended to be used as a Conan “build_requires” for C++ projects which require Java to be built. Google’s build system “Bazel” is one particular example of a C++ build system which requires Java. Note that this package should not interfere or interact with other installations of Java on the machine. It does not change any persistent environment variables, it only adds/modifies those for the existing process. It passes the required environment variables to packages which require or build_require it through Conan’s native env_info functionality.

This package is based on Azul Systems’ Zulu build of OpenJDK. It’s a certified and stable build that and functionally equivalent to Oracle’s (as well as IBM’s, Redhat’s, and other certified builds). There are a number of advantages to using Zulu, which have caused many projects and organizations to use it as the default, including Microsoft Azure. If you are unfamilliar but interested in the differences between JDK providers, you are encouraged to research the topic.

Status - Stable

These packages have been tested and are currently considered stable. Please report any issues through the github repository for this recipe.


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