Updated Conan Package Flow 1.1

In a previous post we outlined the latest workflow for creating Conan packages for third-party open-source libraries based on some recent changes at that time. Unfortunately, there were some problems with that workflow (and post), which are now rectified with today’s release of Conan 1.1. Here’s a primer on the latest process.

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Conan Packages - Boost v1.66.0

After much delay, the Bincrafters team has completed the Boost 1.66.0 modular packages, and they’re finally ready for consumption. In case you’re new to Bincrafters, you can find the link to the repository here:
Bincrafters Public Conan Repository on Bintray
Along with this release, we’re also announcing a general request for assistance from the Conan user community. Please read on for more details.

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February 2018 Packaging Updates

January 2018 proved to be one of the busiest and most challenging months ever for Bincrafters. As stated previously, we’ve been toiling away at improving our quality and working through the results of the “great package refresh” which we started in December. We’ve now weathered the storm, and are looking forward to making a number of great announcements in the weeks to come. Here’s a few right now.

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Updates to CI Scripts for Conan.io

Bincrafters has recently been doing some re-evaluation of our continuous integration templates and scripts. The primary purpose of this post is to raise awareness of an important discovery regarding the Conan CI templates, which is likely to be having a subtle but significant negative impact for many Conan packagers. Additionally, we wanted to share an important update regarding our CI strategy for OSX builds.

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