What is Conan?

Whether you know about Conan or not, this post might help advance your perspective a bit. Conan is typically described as a “package manager for C and C++”. Indeed that’s its primary function and probably the best short description we have, but it fails to capture several of Conan’s most powerful aspects. Thus, this article aims to shed light on Conan’s lesser-known capabilities and potential roles and enable potential users to better decide whether or not it might be of value to them.

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OSS vs Enterprise Dependency Management

The domain of dependency management for C and C++ can be divided into to the smaller domains: OSS and Enterprise. Newcomers to Conan seem to be aware of the OSS domain, but often are completely unfamiliar with the enterprise. This is a problem, because many of Conan’s most powerful and important features are the ones designed specifically for the enterprise, so often time these users feel a bit lost about things they see in the documentation. This post aims to help those newcomers understand the purpose and power of some of these enterprise-related features and shine some light on this lesser-known dimension of dependency management.

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SwampUP 2018 Trip Report

JFrog’s swampup conference 2018 happened last month, and the devops challenges of C and C++ received a great deal of attention. There was a Conan training session on Day 1, a Conan roadmap discussion on Day 2, and a room dedicated to Conan talks on Day 3. This trip report is focused primarily on sharing the predominant themes and feedback heard from the swampup attendees who came to these events to learn and talk about C and C++.

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Updated Conan Package Flow 1.1

In a previous post we outlined the latest workflow for creating Conan packages for third-party open-source libraries based on some recent changes at that time. Unfortunately, there were some problems with that workflow (and post), which are now rectified with today’s release of Conan 1.1. Here’s a primer on the latest process.

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