Conan 1.0.0 and Bincrafters Updates

Over the past weeks, our users may have noticed a lot of changes and activity on the Bincrafters packages. This has largely been to bring our packages up to Conan 1.0.0 compatibility and best practices. Additionally, we’ve been applying large-scale improvements to our recipe’s and our tooling for maintaining them along the way. This post details what, how, and why, and provides a summary of things you might need to know as a consumer of these packages.

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Thinking about

This post provides important advice for all Conan packagers (especially new ones) which intends to help sidestep a pitfall which has claimed many a packager in the past. When you start working with Conan, you discover that it uses a python class as its descriptor format. This is absolutely a great design, however it includes class variables which are used in class methods. As such, users might be tempted use class variables to share state, but beware… it’s a trap.

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Conan Profiles and Build Requires

One highly under-discussed feature of Conan is it’s flexible profile system. This post will demonstrate how to use these profiles to manage your build environment much more effectively than you could without, by allowing you to handle the build tools you use with Conan the same way you handle dependencies.

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