Conan Profiles and Build Requires

One highly under-discussed feature of Conan is it’s flexible profile system. This post will demonstrate how to use these profiles to manage your build environment much more effectively than you could without, by allowing you to handle the build tools you use with Conan the same way you handle dependencies.

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Seeking CI Sponsorship

Bincrafters is dedicated to creating, publishing, and maintaining Conan packages for important C/C++ libraries for the foreseeable future. On the horizon are some massive multi-library projects including Qt, as well as OpenCV and others. We’re still trying to figure out all the logistics for those packages, but one thing is for sure: CI has become a significant bottleneck to our packaging. As such, we’re looking for organizations who would be willing to provide recurring sponsorship for professional accounts on Travis CI and Appveyor, and Bintray.

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Packaging Native Binaries

In the realm of software development, managing libraries in precompiled binary format is non-trivial. Java jars and .NET nupkgs have a fair bit of flexibility and customizability, and with flexibility comes complexity. However, the complexity surrounding these intermediate binaries pales in comparison to that surrounding precompiled native binaries. This complexity is so overwhelming, that historically it was considered impossible or at least impractical by most. This post highlights a few of the dimensions of complexity which exist when packaging native binaries, and explains the modern and innovative approach used by to address them. While this post is focused on C++ as a use-case, much of it applies to other native languages as well, including Rust, Go, D, and so on.

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