Updated Conan Package Flow

With the latest version of Conan, Bincrafters had to re-think our common workflows for developing packages. We were a bit confused at first, and had to ask the Conan team for advice to get things streamlined. We wanted to share the current workflow with the community in case other packagers are also struggling to figure out the best flow with the updated command-line options.

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Bincrafters Shoutouts

The Bincrafters team recently hit double digits, which feels like a big accomplishment for us. Each member has brought a unique combination of experience, insight, and Conan recipe’s to the table. This has allowed us to start checking multiple packages off our list each week for the last two months. It’s also allowed us to level-up our packaging game in a few cases. This post is just to highlight how valuable and appreciated everyone’s time is, before we start on a next trial of strength… packaging Qt.

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Bincrafters Status Update

We’ve received a lot of really great feedback from the C++ community about the Conan packages we’ve been publishing over the past few months. We are really grateful to the community and the Conan team for the support, and we had a few other updates we wanted to share.

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Conan Package - IBM ICU

Bincrafters has now published a Conan package for IBM’s open-source libraries known as “ICU” to our public Conan repository on Bintray. ICU stands for “International Components for Unicode” and is a mature and portable set of libraries for software internationalization (I18N) and globalization (G11N) which implement the Unicode Standard, giving applications the same results on all platforms.

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Conan Package - Microsoft C++ REST SDK

Bincrafters has now published a Conan package for Microsoft C++ REST SDK to our public Conan repository on Bintray. It is a project which offers both HTTP client and server functionality, including websockets support. It features a modern asynchronous API design in C++ with Boost Asio. It is cross-platform, supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac, as well as IOS and Android. The C++ REST SDK is widely used among C++ projects which have need to interact with REST services. A swagger generator for the C++ REST SDK has also been constructed by the community, which can generate the C++ code needed to compile a strongly-typed C++ SDK for any REST API that publishes a swagger specifications. This makes it an obvious choice for interacting with any such REST API.

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