Conan Package - Microsoft C++ REST SDK

Bincrafters has now published a Conan package for Microsoft C++ REST SDK to our public Conan repository on Bintray. It is a project which offers both HTTP client and server functionality, including websockets support. It features a modern asynchronous API design in C++ with Boost Asio. It is cross-platform, supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac, as well as IOS and Android. The C++ REST SDK is widely used among C++ projects which have need to interact with REST services. A swagger generator for the C++ REST SDK has also been constructed by the community, which can generate the C++ code needed to compile a strongly-typed C++ SDK for any REST API that publishes a swagger specifications. This makes it an obvious choice for interacting with any such REST API.

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Bincrafters Packages and Conan Center

“Conan Center” is the moderated central repository for Conan packages hosted by Bintray. With Conan Center, community members need only to check a box on their package in the web portal and it will be submitted for moderation and inclusion. This strategy is very elegant, and actually has been used to great success for several years with their moderated central maven respository for Java packages known as “JCenter”.

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Conan Package - MSYS2

MSYS2 is software distribution and a building platform for Windows. It provides a Unix-like environment, a command-line interface and a software repository making it easier to install, use, build and port software on Windows. Many C++ projects are setup to be built with MSYS2 when built on Windows, rather than MSBuild. It is primarily intended to be used as a build_requirement in Conan recipes for these projects. One project that requires MSYS2 to build from sources is Google’s build system Bazel.

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Conan Package - Abseil

Bincrafters has now published a Conan package for Google’s open-source library “Abseil” to our public Conan repository on Bintray. Abseil was just announced by Titus Winters last week at CPPCon 2017, and provides a number of mature utililty types and functions. Abseil is a bit unique in that Google has chosen not to implement semantic versioning and promote the use of the library strictly by following the master branch of their GIT repository, a strategy described by Winters as “Live at Head.”

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