Conan Package - Java 8 and 9 installers

Bincrafters has now published Conan packages for both the Java 8 and Java 9 installers to our public Conan repository on Bintray. Indeed it’s a bit surprising to have a need to package Java with, but it turns out that there are C++ related tools which require Java. The tool that prompted this package was Google’s open-source build system Bazel, which uses Java to compile C++. Thus, it is primarily intended to be used as a build_requirement in a Conan recipe.

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Conan Package - Azure IOT SDK for C - Available for Testing

A new package is now available on the Bincrafters Public Conan Repository: “The Azure IOT SDK for C” published by Microsoft. It is a pure C library for communicating with Microsoft Azure’s IOTHub platform, and features a collection of other pure C libraries for things like MQTT, AMQP, JSON Parsing, etc. Each library is packaged separately with Conan, and the dependency tree is expressed appropriately in each recipes. For instructions on using these libraries from our repository, please see this post.

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Real-World Packaging C++ with

Over the past year, each member of the Bincrafters team has worked extensively with the Conan platform on packaging a diverse array of C and C++ libraries. We’ve had the opportunity to dig very deep into advanced features such as custom generators, conan package tools for CI automation, and a great deal of debugging. Here are some of the things we’ve learned about advanced packaging at scale.

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