Real-World Packaging C++ with

Over the past year, each member of the Bincrafters team has worked extensively with the Conan platform on packaging a diverse array of C and C++ libraries. We’ve had the opportunity to dig very deep into advanced features such as custom generators, conan package tools for CI automation, and a great deal of debugging. Here are some of the things we’ve learned about advanced packaging at scale.

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Conan Package - Microsoft CPPRest SDK - Available for Testing

A new package is now available on the Bincrafters Public Conan Repository: Microsoft’s “CPPRest SDK”. Formerly known as “Casablanca”, the CPPRest SDK is one of the most stable and mature REST libraries for C++. It is a solid library for interacting with any REST API, not just those provided by Microsoft. For instructions on using Bincrafters public-conan repository, please see this post.

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