Cross-Platform Command-Line Toolset for OS Packaging

A github user known as @mh-cbon has created a wonderful set of tools for packaging and general release management. They are all written in Go, but they are all built and packaged as native binaries used at the CLI, so they can be used to package and release software written in any language. The toolset can be found here: mh-cbon’s Packaging Toolset - Overview and Tutorial

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Why we use Bintray

Perhaps one can guess from the similarity in our name, but Bincrafters was largely inspired by Bintray. Unlike the other services we use such as Github, Travis, and Appveyor, there was never really anything quite like Bintray. Also, as of this writing, there aren’t any alternatives that provide anything close to what Bintray does: a mature platform for hosting a wide range of repository types, storing all of the binary types that we create and use, with all the of the modern management features we need: user management, a solid API, etc.

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Bincrafters Packages - Disclaimers


Currently, Bincrafters is a volunteer group of Open-Source developers creating packages from Open-Source software developed by others. Bincrafters do not claim to provide any license to any software in any such packages. All matters regarding licenses of software contained in Bincrafters packages are the responsibility of the user of said packages.

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