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Bincrafters has now published a Conan package for Microsoft C++ REST SDK to our public Conan repository on Bintray. It is a project which offers both HTTP client and server functionality, including websockets support. It features a modern asynchronous API design in C++ with Boost Asio. It is cross-platform, supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac, as well as IOS and Android. The C++ REST SDK is widely used among C++ projects which have need to interact with REST services. A swagger generator for the C++ REST SDK has also been constructed by the community, which can generate the C++ code needed to compile a strongly-typed C++ SDK for any REST API that publishes a swagger specifications. This makes it an obvious choice for interacting with any such REST API.

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Usage Information

To get started with using the Bincrafters public Conan repository, please see this post: Bincrafters Conan Instructions

Notes About this Package

You can get more details from the README on github

This package builds upon a number of other open source C and C++ libraries including OpenSSL, Boost, and WebsocketPP. All dependencies come from either Conan Center or the Bincrafters public Conan repository.

Package Options

Conan allows users to pass options to for each package upon install. The list of options for this packages is included below:

Option NameDefault ValuesPossible ValueDescription
sharedTrueTrue/FalseUse as a shared library or static library

Status - Stable

This package has been tested and is currently considered stable. Please report any issues through the github repository for this recipe.


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